Marriage: One Man + One Woman

My Facebook newsfeed is full of people changing their profile photos to a red equal sign and it makes me sad. These are my friends, my generation, embracing cultural and political correctness. Today and tomorrow the US Supreme Court is hearing debates on “marriage equality” – same-sex marriage – and the red equal sign is people showing their support. You won’t see me supporting same-sex marriage and here’s why:

1. Same-sex marriage isn’t about equality. Equality means being equal in status, rights, and opportunities. Everyone has the opportunity to get married, as long as you marry someone of the opposite gender. Because that’s what marriage is: a man and a woman.

2. Marriage is a man and a woman because both are needed for the procreation of children. Our society would cease to exist without this. Further, marriage is the best environment to raise children. A vast amount of research has shown children need a mother and father. I’ve heard Glenn Stanton describe the difference between moms and dads like this:

Go to any playground and close your eyes. You will hear dads saying “Climb higher! Run faster! Jump farther!” And you will hear moms saying “Slow down. Be careful. Watch your step!” Both are necessary. Children need the encouragement to expand their abilities and the caution as they do it.

3. Same-sex marriage is new. It was first accepted in the Netherlands in 2000. As the Supreme Court said today, “it’s newer than cell phones and the Internet.” We have thousands of years of evidence of success for “traditional” marriage. We have no long-term research on same-sex marriage. We don’t know how it affects children, society, or even the people in the relationship.

4. The same-sex marriage debate is not the same as racism. I’m surprised there isn’t an uproar from minorities about this comparison. You cannot choose the color of your skin. You can choose your sexual preference. Many people have chosen to live as homosexuals and then left that lifestyle and lived heterosexually. You can choose. You cannot choose to be black or white or Asian. You can choose who you love. The two should not be compared.

I’ve been hesitating to say anything on this topic today because many people who have opposed same-sex marriage have become the target of hateful speech and vandalism and more. I don’t hate gay people. I’m just stating that you can’t redefine marriage to make it what you want. I spent five years working for an organization where I learned tons of research about the benefits of marriage. You can’t redefine marriage and expect the same benefits.

Instead of being fearful of negative feedback, I’m voicing my opinion. Too many people are choosing to be silent. Maybe you didn’t think about the points I’ve made. Maybe you only hear “traditional” marriage and think its a position stuck in the past. (Maybe we just need a cooler name for “traditional” marriage.) Everyone is entitled to their opinion – that’s a freedom and right we enjoy in America. But the benefits of marriage exist because marriage is between a man and a woman. I hope the Supreme Court comes to the same conclusion.

If you want to support traditional marriage, join me in changing your profile picture to a wedding photo.

If you want to oppose me, write your own blog.


2 thoughts on “Marriage: One Man + One Woman

  1. “Debbie, this is a truth that everyone can be encouraged by, even those who say they are in support of same sex marriage. Deb, they just do not understand. This is what is so sad because they are blind to TRUTH. They are running away from what is truth and so do not understand it.” — I meant to paste this above here. I’m getting mixed up with my Truth messages. the previous post was for the Duck Dynasty’s testimony on facebook – powerful message:)

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