Marriage: Take 2

If you read my blog yesterday, thank you! Whenever anyone makes a comment I’m both surprised and humbled that you would take time to read what I’ve written. I count it a privilege.

Unfortunately I don’t think many people are undecided about the issue of marriage. Although I’m sure some of us could go back and forth debating a variety of points on same-sex and traditional marriage, I don’t think we would change each other’s opinions.

Advocates of same-sex marriage are very vocal. You hear about it on news outlets, tv shows, movies, and yesterday on Facebook which compelled me to write advocating traditional marriage. Some of you were compelled to comment in disagreement with me. I understand and I respect that. Some issues we won’t all agree on and I think this is one.

For those of you interested, much of my information has come over the last few years from Why Marriage Matters by Glenn T. Stanton and The Case For Marriage by Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher. I also heard clips of yesterday’s oral arguments which you can read or listen to online.

(I hate when people interrupt each other. But something in me loves how the Supreme Court justices can interrupt the lawyers and the lawyers have to stop talking and respectfully listen and address the justices. It is quite entertaining to read or listen!)

This blog is mostly a place where I talk about faith or random funny day-to-day stories. Thank you for reading my view of the marriage debate. Now I think it’s time to get back to matters of faith.

Thanks for reading, Friends!


1 thought on “Marriage: Take 2

  1. Love this, Deb. I have so little time I don’t read your blog as often as I like and sometimes even when I read it and it always blesses me when I do, I don’t take time to write a comment…I’m sorry because you have touched my heart and my life numerous times…the least I could do is let you know that! You are such a blessing and your heart so tender to the love and compassion that becomes you. Thank you for sharing from your heart all that God has so richly deposited there for all of us to be blessed and inspired by…Love you so much! Aunt Sally

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