Things I Want to Write About

I’ve been meaning to write again for days. I feel like I keep getting partial thoughts of what to write but nothing complete. Instead of waiting for complete thoughts, I figured I’d share some ideas, which maybe will become complete posts later.

Competition and Cussing
It may come as a surprise if you didn’t know me in high school, but I used to be very competitive. I don’t swear often, I’m not proud of times I do, but I typically swear when I’m in a competitive situation. Soccer, golf, and Donkey Kong for Super Nintendo. Jeff and I had been playing Donkey Kong recently since I’ve been on bed rest. I used to be really good but I’m not anymore. Unfortunately not living up to my own expectations brings about a foul mouth.

Church in Sweat Pants
Up until a few weeks ago I was having “church” at home. A friend joined me recently which was fun. We laid on my bed, both in our sweat pants, and watched a sermon on video. We weren’t in a church building, but God was still present. I don’t think God cares what we are wearing to church – at home or in a building – as long as it is appropriate. I think God cares that we are at church.

Up From The Grave
Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection made me think of things we want to rise from the grave. Hopes, dreams, plans, loved ones. About a month after Caleb was buried, I remember standing at his grave reading the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. I prayed God would raise Caleb and I believed He could. I wasn’t sure how the logistics would work, but if God can raise him from the dead, he can work out logistics. But God didn’t raise Caleb from the dead. Maybe instead He brought my hope back.

I’d love to write about things you are interested in. If there’s a topic you have in mind let me know. Or let me know which things I’ve written you enjoy most: Bible passages, travel stories, pregnancy updates, etc. Thanks for reading!


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