Maybe I Should Clarify…

Dear God,

Maybe I should have been more specific. Back in January when I needed the cerclage, and there was concern about the baby coming prematurely, I prayed for a full-term baby. And I have whole-heartedly believed You heard me and would answer. But when I said “full-term” I meant the baby could come anytime after the cerclage was removed. Babies are actually considered full-term at 37 weeks and now I’m 39 weeks and 1 day … I suppose since You created him You know what You’re doing. But I’m worried if he gets much bigger inside me that he won’t fit into some of his cute newborn clothes… So thanks for answering my prayer from January and help me to be patient for Your timing.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Clarify…

  1. Congrats!! Side note…you could send us your unused newborn clothes. Judah will be 11 weeks on Friday and we’re still wearing those. Here’s to my premie little guy…. Hugs to you!!

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