It’s Just Beginning

You may have thought this blog was over. I started the blog pregnant and on bed rest, talked about trusting God for a full-term baby, the baby arrived, so the “Adventure of Trust” is over, right?  Nope, it’s just beginning. The journey of trusting God never ends.  I’ve just been a little too busy to blog…

In the hospital

In the hospital

When Jack isn’t in my arms I’m eating or sleeping… or shopping.  The boy is already wearing 6 month size clothes! But I miss writing. I’ve been writing blogs in my head for the last couple months, but obviously haven’t gotten around to actually typing and posting them.  Now they seem out-of-date, although some day I’ll write about Jack’s first vacation when he was two weeks old and half the hotel collapsed… (now I’ve got you interested so you’ll keep checking the blog for when that one is posted!)

Since Jack is currently napping in his crib, a small miracle in itself, I’ll make this quick.  I’m preparing to share my “Jack Story” for a women’s retreat in a few weeks and I need to finish writing my talk.  The retreat is about prayer. I prayed for Jack, that he would be born full-term, and God answered my prayer. I claimed Mark 11:25 – “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Why did my prayer work and yours hasn’t? Did God really hear my prayer? How do you convince God to answer your prayer? Maybe these questions and more go through your head.  When I finish my talk for the retreat, I’ll post it here and maybe I’ll answer some of those questions.  Or you can register for the retreat and spend a day focusing on the Lord and learning how prayer can make a difference in your life. For now just know that faith in Jesus Christ can move mountains.

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