Put Your Arms In The Sleevies

Please tell me I’m not the only one who makes up songs to sing to my child. I’ve realized this trait was passed on from my mom who sings about anything. My sisters have followed her footsteps with their own children. Sometimes I sing songs about how much I love Jack and how everyone else loves Jack. But frequently the songs are more practical do-what-I’m-singing songs. Here are a few favorites (think Broadway musical styles):

Put your arms in the sleevies / Before you chew your hands

Legs down / Stretch ’em out / While I put your diaper on

There are other songs, but these have been the most necessary and therefore the most repeated. Of course somewhere in the songs are lines about Jack being the cutest boy ever and how much his mama loves him (Ma-ma, say ma-ma).

Anyone else have some classic made up song lines?


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