Don’t Freak Out When the Squirrel Comes in The House

Have I mentioned lately that Jack doesn’t stop moving? It seems that everyday he discovers more of the house and increases his speed. Despite the multitude of toys he could play with, he prefers making a speedy get-away to everything he’s not supposed to get into: the newspaper, pulling up the floor vents, etc. Yesterday Jack discovered how to open the kitchen cabinets and drawers. And he’s very proud of himself for doing so. He also enjoys inspecting the cables behind the media cabinet as if he is planning on rewiring the system.

image_4After chasing him all over the house this morning, I fashioned my own gates to at least keep Jack in one room.

Unfortunately the incredibly loud thunderstorms interrupted Jack’s nap (and mine – you know its loud if it wakes ME up!) So we prepped for a walk. While I grabbed our jackets, Jack crawled head first into the frame of the coffee table.  I didn’t see this, I only heard the thud and recognized it immediately. I’ve walked into the table myself. I know the pain. Poor boy.

image_1Thankfully he was distracted from crying because our squirrel was at the back door! Jeff has trained several squirrels over the years to come to our back door for treats. Our first squirrel, Buddy, was trained by throwing little nacho chips toward him like frisbees. Since then we’ve had a few squirrels but I don’t remember all their names. They usually stick around for a season and then we don’t see them again…image_2

Lately we’ve had a new squirrel who has a patch of fur missing, hence his name Patch (are you amazed at our creativity?). He’s a little enthusiastic about getting a nut. (That’s some foreshadowing for you!)

Jack sat by the back door and I knelt next to him, getting a nut out of the jar for Patch. I open the door to throw the nut but Patch imagelooks like he’s going to bite my hand off. So I dropped the nut. Except Patch didn’t see that. So he came inside the house.

At this point I wanted to freak out and run away.  (Aaaahhh! Rabid squirrel in the house!!!) But then I remembered Jack boy sitting next to me. I mustered up some bravery, half shielding Jack with my arm (because of course the squirrel who climbs high into trees can’t make it over, under, or through my arm to the cute little boy sitting less than two feet from him).

Patch took a few steps backward out the door and I threw him two nuts. Closed the door and locked it. Just in case he knew how to open the door. Breathing a sigh of relief, we watched Patch while safely protected by our super heavy glass door. I’m sure Jack would have preferred to pet Patch. 

image_5After our walk, Jack had lunch when he demonstrated his faster-than-mama-reflexes by hitting the spoon as I move it towards his mouth. You can imagine the disaster. But wait – you don’t have to imagine, I took a picture! I had to change his whole outfit which is an adventure itself because he won’t lay down or sit still. (When we are in public and I have to change Jack’s diaper, I strongly consider asking a stranger to come help me).

I put Jack back with his toys while I cleaned up lunch real quick and when I turned around Jack is licking the bricks on the fireplace.

Success for today: at least we didn’t get attacked by our squirrel.

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