Walk by Faith, Not by Sight


Climbing Kilimanjaro our route went in a circle around the mountain before we reached the summit. I could see the top from almost everywhere, but I had to trust our guide to take us there and to pick a good path. Each day we made it to the next camp site in a timely and safe manner. Each day Mark, our guide, was earning my trust. Honestly in the beginning I tried to keep track of where we were. What if something happened to Mark? How would we find our way? But as time went on I came to trust Mark and have faith he would take us the right way, even when I couldn’t see it.

Following Jesus is similar. We might not be so sure in the beginning but as time goes on we learn we can trust Him. Jesus is faithful, He loves us, He has good plans for us. He is who I want to guide my life.

Yesterday I had my first doctor’s appointment since the surgery. I’ve continued to have a confidence that everything is going to be ok. But I prayed in the morning, “Lord I believe everything will be ok, but it’d be really nice to have some medical reassurance.”

God answered my prayer. The doctor was very pleased with the position of the stitch and said my body has responded well to it. My cervix was even a little longer than it was post-surgery. Thank you Lord! I wanted to believe even if it was bad news but I was so encouraged and relieved to hear some good news. I will walk by faith, but I’m thankful God sometimes let’s us see.

2 thoughts on “Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

  1. I am praying for continued good reports…sorry you are stuck in bed..I hope time will pass fast…wish I lived closer so we could work on your music somehow. You could send me a cd of several of them that we could write down and playon both piano and guitar. I love your blog. Your mom sent me the way to find it. Love you….GAY

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