The Power of Music

I’m not sure which is worse: not being able to leave my house or not being able to play my guitar. The iPad guitar app just isn’t the same.

Music has always been powerful in my life. God has given me songs to write, some even years ago that seem to really apply to my life now. Some songs I hear in church or on the radio that speak to me, giving me comfort, hope, and encouragement.

One song that has stood out over the last year is Desert Song by Hillsong. I first heard it about one year ago and instantly loved it. I recommended it to my sister for a women’s retreat in March that we were doing music for. The retreat happened to be about suffering and trials and Desert Song became the theme. Little did I know it would soon be my personal theme song.

I had Caleb on February 24, the weekend I was supposed to be in Wisconsin practicing for the retreat. After a few days passed and I was able to process life a little, I knew I was still supposed to play for the retreat just a few weeks later. I was encouraged by this video that tells a story of the song quite similar to mine.

In the desert, in the fire, in the battle – even when triumph hasn’t come yet, I will trust God.  I will bring praise, I will rejoice, and I will declare God is my victory and He is here!

Take 5 minutes and watch the video. If you haven’t already, some day you’ll have to walk through hard times. Choose your reaction now.

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