I’m watching the Super Bowl, like the rest of the country. I’m not sure who I’m cheering for yet. I have a friend who loves the Giants, but my brother-in-law is a die-hard Patriots fan. I prefer rooting for the underdog. There’s just something about the guy-who-was-supposed-to-lose winning that I love. Maybe it’s because the Bible is full of victorious underdogs.

David vs. Goliath
David, a shepherd boy, youngest of his family, the one not in the army. Yet David is unwilling to let this giant make fun of God’s people. David chooses to trust God, not fear Goliath, and God gives David the victory.

Daniel vs. King Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel was a man of God who worked for the king. But when the king commanded everyone to worship an image of him, Daniel refused. Facing certain death, Daniel still chose faith, and God saved him.

Born when Hebrew baby boys were being killed, Moses was put in a basket on the river and was saved and raised as a son in the house of the Egyptian Pharoah. Moses grew up, murdered an Egyptian, fled for his life, then was called by God to lead His people. But Moses said he wasn’t a good enough speaker. God brought Moses’ brother in to help, but God still used Moses in big ways, despite his murderous and doubting past.

Speaking of people with questionable pasts, a friend reminded me of Hebrews 11, known as the hall of faith, yet lists many people you wouldn’t think would be recognized:
Abraham slept with Sarah’s servant because he wasn’t man enough to say no to her and that he was trusting God for an heir through Sarah. Sarah is mentioned in the hall of faith and she tried to manipulate to bring about God’s promise and then laughed when she was told she would get pregnant in her old age. Rahab was a prostitute and yet is listed for her faith. The list goes on.

All of this encourages me and reminds me that no one is perfect, we’re all “underdogs.” But God delights in using imperfect, sinful, weak people to prove that any victory we have is only because of His grace and strength, His work in us.

As for the Super Bowl, I’ll be rooting for the underdog… as soon as I figure out who that is.


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