Share The Power

I was watching a video Bible study by Beth Moore about the book of Esther this morning.  She told a story I thought you’d enjoy …

A family was going to Disney World. They had two boys and a girl all grade school age.  The girl was quite a princess, so of course they had to go to the Princess Party in Disney.  The daughter is all dressed up like a princess, complete with a tiara, as one Disney Princess after the next come out to meet her. Finally at the end of the event, Cinderella is revealed. The daughter says, “I feel sorry for her.”

Naturally her parents are confused. “But she’s the msot famous princess. Why do you feel sorry for her?”  The daughter says, “Because she had to marry that guy.”

That guy? You mean, Prince Charming?? The father thinks, What have I done? I’ve failed her as a dad and a husband. Dad turns to the daughter, “But don’t you want to get married someday?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” the daughter replied.  But her older brother says, “She doesn’t want to get married because she doesn’t want to share the power.”

How insightful children can be sometimes! I happen to be married to Prince Charming… well most of the time at least.  My husband is one of those guys who is good at everything he does, even if its the first time he’s ever done it.  I used to find that very annoying.  Really, I was jealous.

Eventually I realized I could join his team.  When you’re married two become one, so it’s kind of like I’m good at everything I do too.

In this season of bed rest (read: I can’t do anything helpful), my husband has taken up the slack and without complaining.  I’m usually the one complaining that I feel bad I can’t help him with dishes, laundry, meals. But he reminds me that my job is keeping the baby safe and he’ll do everything else.  And, it’s just a season.

Hopefully as we have put into practice this give-and-take, it will continue when the baby is born. If we’re going to share the power, we’re also sharing the responsibility. Marriage has made the joys twice as good, and the sorrows half as bad.  So to all the little princesses of the world, don’t be afraid to share the power.  Prince Charming is worth it.

6 thoughts on “Share The Power

  1. Oh goodness, I was just wrestling with this idea today! I was crying, because Tim is doing everything and I’m just resting. He said the same thing your hubby said! It’s my job to rest, heal, and cook the baby!

  2. How fortunate you both are to realize the value of each partner to each other in marriage. Some of us wish we had had that kind of insight earlier in our marriages. However saying that, I do feel very blessed to have been married to my “Prince Charming” for going 44 years this November. We are blessed to know that you love each other enough to respect each other and help each other daily. We know there will come a time when you too can say you have had a long, wonderful love-filled life blessed by God. Right now you are well on your way to that love-filled life as you celebrate four years of married life on March 8th. What a great wedding picture!!!! We love you so much! Mom and Dad Bope XXXXOOOO

  3. I am so glad Jeff is being the man,father,husband we had hoped he would be. We always hoped but never could be sure until a person is put to the test. This is as it should be with family. There is nothing good that can happen to a member of our family that we don’t all celebrate for we are always on the same side. We want all your dreams and hopes to come true and we will rejoice with you as you accomplish your goals.

    Dad and Mom Chun 🙂

  4. Haha, Jeff is pretty talented. Not everyone can build their own DVR. Don’t sell yourself short though–you’ve been impressing the heck out of me for years!

  5. Sweet post – I love it. 🙂 High five, Jeff, for being an awesome husband and just person in general! 🙂 I agree with Lisa — Debbie, you are pretty awesome yourself. 🙂

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