Don’t Go Changing

Being on bed rest has had it’s advantages, like saving money on gas.  I’ve only driven about 3 miles a week for the last 10 weeks.  The poor Mazda doesn’t know what to do… it’s used to being on the road for 50 miles a day. The last couple weeks I’ve heard people complaining about how high the gas prices have risen. I didn’t think they were lying, but I just didn’t know for myself.  The last time I filled up my gas tank was January 16 at approximately $3.60 per gallon.  Until a few days ago when my gas light finally went on. Now I believe the rumors of high gas prices!

People seem to be naturally opposed to change, like gas prices rising.  Every time Facebook changes, everyone’s status update is how much they hate the change.  We complain about the weather, waiting for the next season to come, but when it does come we wish it were warmer, or colder, or different.

Yet at the same time as we oppose change, we’re also a people desiring change. We want bigger houses, nicer cars, better jobs.  We live in this in-between, comfortable with some things and discontent with others.

I’m looking for a new car these days. With the baby coming we figured I needed a bigger family-friendly car.  It’s hard to narrow things down when I can only read reviews and look at pictures online. But sometimes I stop and think, what is really necessary. A lot of people get by with not a lot. Yet I can’t imagine living without a multi-disc cd changer and sunroof.

I have no conclusion, no solution, no lesson for you to walk away with.  But I hope you’ll stop and think about what you have – no matter how much or how little – and be thankful. And be content.

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