The Bed Rest Photo Album #2

The first few weeks of bed rest were charted in Photo Album #1. The photos below are from February and March. Enjoy!

Here’s the bed I would go to in the Baby/Music Room when my sheets were being changed.

Quite a few of these photos involve a Starbucks cup.

Operating a computer sideways… a skill one must learn with practice.

Visitors! Lauren and baby Connor (asleep in his carseat) and cousin Kristi and Tyler. 

Tyler pretending he’s on bed rest in the guest room.

Lauren making notes for me of strollers and sleeping tips.

Mom, Dad, Cathy, Lauren, and Tucker came to visit.



While I go to the bathroom Mom and Cathy make their “bed rest” pose.  

Look – I’m wearing real clothes and on a couch downstairs!

Rob from Young Life came to say hi.

Trying to figure out how much money I owe Mom, my personal shopper.

Jeff and I at my parents’ house. That’s right, I left the house!

Dad came over to fertilize our yard. When he ran out of fertilizer, Mom and I decided this would be a great time to go to Starbucks, conveniently located in the same shopping area as Ace where Dad can get fertilizer. We may have also stopped at Burger King to get Cinnabon minis.  Those things are great!

That’s all I’ve got for now! See Facebook for Baby Shower pictures. I’m not sure if my photographer has taken pictures in April.  Perhaps there’ll be a third album.

2 thoughts on “The Bed Rest Photo Album #2

  1. Great job! I sure hope I took pictures in April. Probably the April pictures will include the Anderson Family’s Spring Break. Love you my precious pregnant Debbie Dolly!! XXXXOOO)

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