The Bed Rest Photo Album #3

Here are a few photos from April: a month that allowed more freedom to sit up for a few hours and to leave the house.


Lounging on our patio with my niece.


Reclining at my parents house. Looks like I had just finished reading the always entertaining Hinsdalean.


Surprise! I showed up at Faith Fellowship Church to see the family before they went home to Wisconsin.


This picture looks very posed but it was (is) how I spend most of my days. The iPad is much easier to carry and maneuver than a laptop.


After missing 13 weeks of Bible study, my doctor said I could go back. It was the last session of the year but still fun to see everyone.


The Chun girls. The baby furniture had just arrived so we were checking out the room.


Then there was Easter, but apparently not a picture of me being there… just pictures of the food… which is kind of making me hungry.


And finally, here’s my niece trying to hear or feel the baby. He finally cooperated and she felt a few kicks and turns.

I’ve been so blessed to have so many visitors and meals over the last three months! I wish I had a picture of everyone who was here. Instead here’s a quick thanks (in no particular order) to all who’ve stopped by: Kristin, Tara, Chris, Jen, Sally, Wendy, Jenni, Maggie, Lauren, Lana, Sara, Renee, Rob, Lindsey, Natalie, Kelly, Katie, Lauren, Connor, Kristi, Tyler, Jim, Lisa, Book Club, Ignite, Mom, Dad, Cathy, Lauren, Vince, Stacy, Matt, Beth, Brad, Blythe, Courtney, Spencer, Jeffrey, Mallory, Pat, Rob, Stephanie, Jennifer, Granny, Karin, Sue, Jim, Erik, Mandy, Aunt Lea, Barb, Ronnell, Anna, Jennifer, Doc, Liz, Robin, Kim, Michelle, Jen, Abby, Lily, Tom, Jackie, Sue, Heather, Andy, Wesley, Elliot, Lisa, Betty… possibly more. Again, I’m so thankful for each of you. You have made bed rest so much better for me! I’m thankful to have had this time to spend with each of you. Thanks for fitting me into your schedules 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Album #1 and Album #2.

2 thoughts on “The Bed Rest Photo Album #3

  1. I know it can’t have been easy, but Debbie, you have done an AMAZING job. Although you are not able to control everything, your dedication to following the doctors orders is comendable. We are all so proud of you. The way you place your faith in the Lord’s hands is truely inspirational. God works in such mysterious ways that we can not even begin to comprehend. While I wish you didn’t have to be on bed rest and could be spending your time however you please, I have found this time to be an unexpected gift. While I have always adored you, through bed rest a new friendship has blossomed. You are in the final stretch now and May is just around the corner. Thank you for sharing these pics, and I have loved all your blogs. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and getting to know you on another level has brought me such happiness. God is so good!

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