Sharing Your Failures Part 2

My last post talked about Abraham and how his son, Isaac, made the same mistakes. I said I would write about my mistakes in hopes others could learn from them. But I seem to be avoiding blogging… it’s not like I’m anxious to tell you the ways I’ve messed up in life. Nonetheless, here are a couple thoughts.

Listen to God
Do you ever hear that still, quiet voice pointing you in a direction, yet you figure it’s nothing and ignore it? Well I did that. Senior year of college there was a guy who wanted to date me (during one of those rare times where Jeff and I were not dating each other). I felt like God told me not to date him (we’ll call him Joe to protect his identity). In fact if I pulled out my journal from then, I’m sure I even wrote it down: “Joe asked me out but I feel like God is saying no. But I don’t understand why…”

My mistake was questioning God’s instructions. It doesn’t matter why. I knew what God was telling me, but I ignored it. Joe was a good guy, a Christian, athlete, nice, and he really liked me. Why wouldn’t I go out with him? After a few weeks getting to know each other I did end up dating Joe. All along I noticed little inconsistencies in stories he would tell, things that didn’t matter, or so it seemed. Six months into dating it ended. He had lied about things and about who he was. While I was sad and hurt, I knew I had no one to blame but myself. God told me not to date him and I chose not to listen.

As I’m thinking about other mistakes I’ve made, I realize several of them involve not listening to God. Why I think my plans are better than what God has told me, I don’t know. It’s a dangerous line to walk. Not listening to God and following His plans can lead to a lot of negative consequences. Not because God’s trying to punish you for choosing wrongly, but because He tried to save you from that destruction.Even if its confusing, or inexplainable, or doesn’t make sense, or the hard choice, listening and following God is the always the best path.

What mistake have you made that you wish people could learn from and choose differently? Take the bold step to talk about it. Admit your failures. Better yet, look around you and learn from others’ mistakes.


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