The Competition Has Changed

Our good friends were also expecting, but due two weeks after me. It seemed obvious that Baby Chun would arrive first. But guess who had their baby a few days ago… Not me. While we are very happy for our friends and their new baby girl, it’s like we lost. Baby Chun clearly hasn’t inherited Mommy & Daddy’s competitive drive. Although in fairness, Jeff pointed out that Baby Chun did try to leave the womb a long time and we said no. At least he’s already learned to obey.

When we visited our friends at the hospital I held the new baby girl. We took pictures because we thought it’d be fun to confuse everyone, but I haven’t transferred them to my iPad yet. The whole time I held the baby, Baby Chun was kicking her! It was pretty funny, especially since Baby Girl could have cared less. She was perfectly calm and sleeping while Baby Chun seemed to be jealous that I was holding her. Kicking is only allowed in the womb, Baby Chun. You’ll have to stop that when you come out. We had a few contractions that night and thought perhaps he had figured out what he’s supposed to do… But they passed.

Tomorrow is the due date. Can you believe we made it this far?! The doctors continue to be surprised. Now I’d really like to make it until after tomorrow just to say I made it past the due date. I don’t think anyone with an emergency cerclage has made it past their due date. That’s my new goal. I think it just proves that God is in control. He has been with us from the beginning and protecting the precious life inside me.


1 thought on “The Competition Has Changed

  1. We can’t believe you’ve made it this far, either, but we’re so thankful that you have! You’ve shown such grace and faith and been an inspiration to all of us, all the way back to Caleb’s birth. We love you and Jeff, and are praying for an EASY delivery! 🙂 Love, the Chadwicks

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