He Knows My Name

Here’s a quick, low-production video I put together. We have so many ultrasound pictures I thought it’d be nice to put them in a video to see how Baby has progressed.  The majority of the pictures are just of his face.  For many of them, his face was pressed up against the placenta so you only see his profile or his nose and an eye.  He wasn’t always cooperative for pictures. Hopefully that changes when he exits the womb.

Song is He Knows My Name by Tommy Walker (c) 1996 Doulos Publishing


1 thought on “He Knows My Name

  1. I should write every time I’ve read your beautiful blogs…I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time…it does always seem just like now that it’s usually after midnight before I get to read these or check most of my mail and FB…this was beautiful, Deb…truly tender and touching. How wonderful that God has actually brought you to FULL TERM! It is May 27th! He is so good and He just wanted everyone to know that HE did this…gave you grace to make it through the bed rest…gave you grace to touch the lives of many with your heart and beautiful thoughts shared…and gives you grace to wait it out knowing that HIS TIMING IS PERFECT. Love you, Deb…so very much…

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