Your Love Is Deep

With the combination of being pregnant and having missed three months of church, I seem to be more emotional at church than normal. This weekend at church we sang “Your Love Is Deep,” a song I’ve only sung at Young Life activities and haven’t heard in years. I opened my mouth to sing and immediately had tears in my eyes. I was remembering my Wisconsin Young Lifers, picturing sitting around the campfire singing with them, or hiking through the mountains in Colorado. I pictured their faces from freshman year, so young and full of excitement.

We probably sang that song 200 times during their four years of high school. But of all songs we could have sung that many times, Your Love Is Deep is a good one. Now those high schoolers are out of college! Some are married, some have children, they’re starting their own careers in the real world. I wonder, was spending four years of high school with them enough? When they were in high school I wanted them to know they aren’t alone. Yes, I’ll walk with them and try to be an example they can follow. But more importantly I wanted them to know the One who loves them so deeply, He gave His Son for them. The One who is always with them, and will never move to Illinois to get married. The One whose grace covers every mistake they’ve made. The One who will meet them where they’re at, wipe away their sins, and give them a fresh start.

Your love is deep
Your love is high
Your love is long
Your love is wide

Deeper than my view of grace
Higher than this worldly place
Longer than the road I travel
Wider than the gap You filled

Thank You Lord that Your love is greater than we could ever imagine. When we are struggling, or lonely, or afraid, help us turn to You and remember Your love is deep.


1 thought on “Your Love Is Deep

  1. Another beautifully written post! Songs have a way of emotionally hitting us or reminding us of someone or something and then the tears flow! I feel certain that you had a lasting affect on all who came to know you as their Young Life Leader or just a friend. You have always had a heart to reach the young teens with the salvation message through your words or the numerous songs you have written or sung with them. A testimony to this is by the many young people who still stay in touch with you. You have been a wonderful example to them and to all the future generations as you continue to volunteer with Young Life. It is okay to cry when music brings back memories, you come by that naturally:). Speaking of young lives we would sure like to welcome Baby Chun into this world REAL soon 🙂 Love you so much!

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