Cardboard Creations

With every diaper box I put in the recycling, I think to myself “there must be something cool I could make out of these boxes.” Usually the thought ends there. But thanks to Pinterest, I was able to get more ideas and pictures to follow. Let me welcome you to Chun Village.


Here are the materials I used

Thanks to a Costco trip the day before, I picked up a few random boxes to use. Other than I used duct tape, scissors, and a leftover roll of blue tablecloth from Jack’s 1st birthday.

First, a mailbox:



Second, a Gas Station: I found an empty spray bottle and random unused hose part around the house. The sign is actually hand drawn with crayons and markers. I know it looks so real you probably thought I printed it from the internet, which I would have done if my printer was working, but since it’s not, Jack gets some real artwork.



A couple of boxes and duct tape, a long afternoon nap from Jack, and we have some new toys to play with. Bring your toy cars over for a fill up and your toy letters to the post office!




Here’s a good example of Jack’s poof of hair sticking up before his Haircut by Daddy.

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