Still Fits

Six years ago I woke up in the morning and said to myself “I’m going to enjoy every moment of today.” This morning I woke up to Jack crying and I thought to myself “Where is Jeff and why isn’t he getting Jack?!” Oh how times have changed.

(For the record, Jeff was out running, not neglecting Jack).

We didn’t have any big celebration plans for our anniversary but we did go to dinner last night. I posted on Facebook “We honeymooned in Australia so Outback Steakhouse is as close as we can get.” Which spurred on some others to share what they’ve got in relation to their honeymoon:

Honeymoon in Miami = song by Will Smith (Welcome to Miami Buenvenidos a Miami)

Honeymoon in Costa Rica = street-ceviche and dysentery

I have funny friends!

So while I was getting dressed for our dinner last night, a great idea came to mind. My wedding dress has just been hanging in Jack’s closet for six years. I wonder if it still fits…


Technically, Jeff zipped the dress and he said “if I had another hand I think I could get it.” But Jeff isn’t a dress-zipper expert. So clearly if someone else had been there, like my sister who agreed with my theory via text message, they would have gotten the zipper up completely. Therefore, my wedding dress still fits me.


If certain people had been more in the mood for dress-up play time, I would’ve put Jack’s tuxedo on him. And then made Jeff take pictures with his real camera instead of my iPhone.

Six years. The dress still fits. And the husband still fits. He always will. God has really blessed me by giving me Jeff. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather live life with. Thanks for a wonderful six years, Jeff! I look forward to many more adventures ahead.