Unsinged By The Fire

In the third chapter of Daniel, three men refuse to follow the King’s orders because it contradicts their faith in the Lord. The King has them bound and thrown into the fire. The three men were unafraid. They knew God was able to save them if He so chose. The men should have been burned up immediately, but instead The King says “Didn’t we throw three men in? I see four men, unbound, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”

The King called the men out. Their hair wasn’t singed, their clothes weren’t burned, they didn’t even smell like fire. God was with them and the King chose to worship the God who saves.

What a comfort to know God is with us in the fires of life. He loosens the fears that bind us and protects us from the flames. Thank You Lord for being the God who saves!

1 thought on “Unsinged By The Fire

  1. Thank you Debbie for reminding me just how faithful our Savior is! May He continue to strengthen you and the baby and surround you with His peace. I love you precious daughter!

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