If You Want It Done Right…Make Your Own Pizza

I’ve been asked if there are any foods I crave during this pregnancy. I didn’t think there was anything in particular until figuring out dinner plans where I recommended BBQ chicken pizza for the third weekend in a row.

Several years ago I began experimenting with BBQ sauce and I made a great pizza. I’m not known for my cooking, but the one thing I’ve got is BBQ chicken pizza. When I go to restaurants I’m always interested in trying their BBQ chicken pizza to see how mine measures up. Time and again, I’m disappointed with the restaurant but proud of my own creation. I suppose the saying, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself is true. Except for Dominos.

Dominos Pizza recently revamped their menu, and while their Memphis BBQ pizza is different than mine, it has satisfied my pregnancy cravings. Good thing I discovered Dominos BBQ pizza since I am unable to make my version. Bed rest has made that famous saying impossible for me. I can’t do most things myself.

Thankfully I’m pretty laid back about things being “done right” around the house. The other person who lives here (not mentioning any names) struggles a little more. Dishes aren’t put in the places they normally go, crumbs are in the bed or scattered on the floor, toys keep showing up but not leaving, magazines and books clutter the rooms I spend time in, etc. People come over to help us, but everyone has their own way of doing things. Regardless we are very grateful.

Sometimes you have to overlook your way, or your perfectionist tendencies, and let others be part of your life. God didn’t create us to be alone. He created us to live in community, to need relationships, and to help each other. Just as a body has many parts, so the body of Christ has many parts but each their own purpose so they can work together. Just as we need hands, feet, eyes, and ears, so the church (the body of Christ) needs people with different gifts to work together.

In these days that I can’t be feet or hands, thank you for being the feet and hands I need. It’s not always easy to see what people need, but if we seek God He will show us how to reach out to others to help them. And if you’re looking for a good BBQ chicken pizza try Dominos, or in a few months I’ll make you one myself.

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 talks about the Body of Christ and various gifts God has given us.

This blog post was not sponsored by Dominos, but if they would like to compensate me with free pizzas that would be acceptable.


1 thought on “If You Want It Done Right…Make Your Own Pizza

  1. And if you would like to post that recipe for your BBQ pizza, I would love to have it! Sounds fantastic!! Love reading your posts! So encouraging to hear how the Lord is sustaining you during this time.

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