He’s Not Joining the Military


Jack had his first hair cut by Daddy this weekend. Jeff has cut his own hair for years and he does a good job. It’s really just a buzz cut with different lengths on the top and the sides. Jeff’s hair grows so fast, he cuts it every two weeks.



Jack’s very first haircut

Jack’s hair isn’t quite like his Daddy’s, although it still grows fast. Every month I spend $20 taking Jack to a fancy, over-priced, kid-specialized salon. He sits on a little motorcycle, watches the movie Cars, and cries for most of the 10 minutes it takes the hair stylist to cut his hair. For awhile Jeff and I were thinking Jeff should cut Jack’s hair. I made Jeff attend Jack’s last haircut so he could learn how the experts do it.


After two days of Jack’s poof sticking straight up, Jeff said “Jack do you want Daddy to cut your hair?” Jack was very excited about this, even though he seems to hate getting his hair cut. We discussed briefly, then started to get ready. Jeff got the clippers, I started praying. Just kidding… kind of…


Jack did better than he has at any hair cut.¬†Lots of hair fell to the¬†ground. I had to remind Jeff that Jack isn’t joining the military, so he didn’t need to go so short.










But in the end we saved money, had fun, Jack looks adorable, and I’m not even mad at Jeff! Success!IMG_3407

The Cat in the Hat is Sleeping

Just in case any of you are resolving to be more patient in 2014, I told you I’d blog again and then made you wait a week for the next post. Just helping you be patient. You’re welcome.

If we are Facebook friends you may have seen my post about Jack’s New Years Resolution. He didn’t know he made this resolution. I decided for him. There will be no more waking up in the middle of the night and watching Cat in the Hat episodes.

Sometime in November Jack’s perfect sleeping habits became disrupted. He started crying sometime between midnight and 2am. But since Jeff is so busy at work during holiday seasons, I thought I wouldn’t bother him to trade off turns getting Jack. I’ll just handle it myself.

For awhile we got away with bringing Jack into our room and he’d cuddle up next to me and sleep immediately. It sounds real cute, but as I balanced on the three inches of space, shivering from the cold of no blankets left for me, I’d move Jack back to his bed. This continued once every night for awhile.

Then one night Jack didn’t want to go to my bed. I was stumped. My mental functioning is significantly decreased in the middle of the night. So I grabbed my iPhone, opened the free PBS app, and we watched Cat in the Hat. The episodes are only 12 minutes and sometimes I’d be able to put Jack back to bed halfway through.

This happened with such frequency that I planned for it: pajama pants with pockets, phone charged. We alternated Curious George into the mix. Jack didn’t seem to get bored watching the same episodes over and over again, but I did. I even looked on YouTube for new ones.

Now that the holidays are over I’ve realized how long this habit has been going and I’m determined to sleep through the night again. I’m also sick of falling asleep to and/or waking up to theme songs playing in my head.

But the last few nights have gone surprisingly well without The Cat. Jack still wakes up but I hold him and sing him a song, pray out loud that God helps him sleep (I think Jack likes that), then I tell him I’ll sing him one more song, but I usually sing between one and three more songs – accompanied by Jack’s whining/fake crying and “monkey hugs” where he holds me so tight I don’t need to hold him – then I lay him down and leave. I give him five minutes. He usually cries for four and falls asleep. Then I have a little victory party for myself. Woohoo!

I think eventually Jack will realize I’m far less entertaining at 2am than the Cat in the Hat so he’ll stop waking up. Right?

On another note, Jeff and I were disagreeing at dinner about how the Cat in the Hat Christmas song went so we played that episode just to figure it out. We proceeded to sing it the rest of the evening. “Welcome to my party… If you want to play some musical chairs, just have a seat with these polar bears…” You’ll have to look it up, or Jeff and I would be happy to sing it for you.

Here’s a picture from when Jack was only a month old! It was easy to sleep with him when he was this size.